First of all, thank you all for dropping by and having a look at my blog. This will be my blog dedicating for all my passion for Amigurumi that has started a little over than 2 months ago. If you keep dropping by, you shall see all the photos of my handmade amigurumi. I shall put all the fotos up within the next week onwards.

Who am I? My name is Ammie, 29 years old. I know... I know... I am not young anymore but I do feel young ^_^ Nobody thinks I am 29 anyway but yeah well time flies hey. I am Thai-Chinese, married to an italian guy, so I have moved to Brescia, northen Italy a little over than 2 years ago. I am still looking for jobs, although it is not easy at all .. especially when you are in a country that when you arrived and you spoke no word of their language. But now I should say I speak quite well. Well, enough for everyday life anyway.

While I am searching, looking for a job in IT here I have found what I love doing which I never thought in my life I would be loving doing making Amigurumi... Now that I have started it, I can never stop making it. Oh now I have to run but next time, probably tomorrow, I will continue to tell how it has all started for me and my passion for Amigurumi.

Oh and above it's a foto of my first amigurumi set of chihuahuas made by me ... which I got a pattern from etsy shop of jaravee. Until then, Stay tuned!!! and See ya ^_^

My dog, Mojo

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