My name is Charlotte, aren't I pretty? ^_^ This is the first amigurumi human-like doll I have ever made, I am so happy that she is now finished and she is looking quite good, don't you think? Thank you so much Beth from Hook By Hand for making the free spirit doll pattern available for everyone. Anyway I am making little boots for her and maybe a few other things. Now now now, bedtime... I will try my best to put something up here soon. Goodnight everybody ^_^

My dear friend Barbara Ghiso from Gumi Gumi Island has given me this award from my blog and now its time I am giving it to you girls, enjoy and have a lot of fun ^_^

Rules :-

1. Use only 1 word answers.
2. Pass along to 6 of your favorite bloggers.
3. Tell them you've given them award.
4. Have Fun!!!

1. Where is your cellphone? Handbag
2. Your hair? Black
3. Your mother? Thai
4. Your father? Chinese
5. Your favorite food? Thai
6. Your dream last night? sweet
7. Your favorite drink? Mojito
8. Your dream/goal? Happiness
9. What room are you in? Bedroom
10. Your Hobby? Amigurumi
11. Your fear? Lost
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Italy
13. Where were you last night? Pub
14. Something that you aren't? Fast
15. Muffins? Yes!!!
16. Wish list item? Blythe
17. Where did you grow up? Chonburi
18. Last thing you did? Lunch
19. What are you wearing? Casual
20. Your TV? ON
21. Your pets? Mojo
22. Friends? everywhere
23. Your life? beautiful
24. Your mood? calm
25. Missing someone? mom
26. Vehicle? MINI
27. Something you're not wearing? Boots
28. Your favorite stores? Clothing
29. Your favorite color? Pink
30. When was the last time you laughed? before
31. Last time you cried? Never
32. Your best friend? Penny
33. One place that I go to over and over? Husband
34. One person who emails me regularly? Sister
35. Favorite place to eat? Japanese

And Here the awards go to:-

2. Jay from Eclectic (Wire)
3. Barbara Ghiso from Gumi Gumi Island
4. Moosh from The Blog O' Moosh
5. Tata from Tatami
6. Milena from Laboratorio artistico

Here I am updating you girls with this spirit doll I almost finish, I should really finish it this weekend when I have time and should really start a new project. Actually I have been meaning to make another one or two of these cuz I love em so so much but I will continue with other projects first before I make another one or two dolls I think. Anyway you girls have a good weekend!!! If there is anything new this weekend I will post it up here. Thank you for a visit!!! ^_^

Hi everyone, it's the end of the weekend again but then that means I will get to continue on many projects I have started and not started but have planned them.
Anyway today is the day that ^_^ I would love to hear from you about the colour choices I am going to be putting up on my shop for the cutie dog sweater. The sweater will be made by 100% wool. The sweater will be available in 3 colours, the original blue with shades of red maroon like Mojo's sweater, the other two colors are bright red with shades of red maroon and fresh green with shades of cutie pink as you can see in the pictures above. Anyway please please please let me know what you think of the colour choices. I will be waiting for all your feedback ^_^ cheers.

My dog, Mojo

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