So sorry that I have been gone for a while. A lot has happened to my life, goods and bads and life is just getting back on track once again after the loss of my baby girl Bianca at 21 weeks of pregnancy.

Anyway, I have made this little Mr. Hearty the cactus and if any of you are actually looking to make a special gift for your special loved one on this coming Valentine's day then Mr Hearty can be one of the ideas. The pattern is written in English and is very easy to understand for beginners. If anyone is interested in making this little cutie cactus, the pattern is available on my Etsy shop. Finally, hopefully I will come up with something more soon. Until then, cya.

Today I managed to bake some banana cupcakes topped with royal icing and coconut flakes ^_^ Right now I am also in a process to baking more cookies for my hubby Diego... I am also going to try to make sugar cookies, I will see how I go about painting my cookies... I will take some photos and put one or two up here tomorrow. By the way the granny squares you see in this photo are just part of the 15x15 squares blanket, I will try to finish em up soon. Until then, girls... I will be back here soon ^_^

We finally have a name for my Pullip, my husband loves this name, Mya. In this photo she is wearing a crochet tubo dress with a final touch of lace that makes this dress look a lot cuter than the original.

Now Now Now!!! I need to think of a name for her... what do you suggest between:

Faye = Fairy of elves,
Mia = mine,
Kaida = Little dragon
Kosuke = rising sun
Kawena = Rosy Reflection In The Sky
Kailani = Sea And Sky

Let me know, I'd really appreciate whatever you suggest ^_^ cheers

Hi everyone, first of all Happy New Year. It's a little too late maybe but I hope it is not too late to say I wish you all the happiness in the world.

I am here to inform all of you that my shop is now opened and I will try my best to invent something and put it on my shop and will keep you up to date. For now, I have a finished dress and a pattern of the mini dress for sale. If you have time, please go have a quick look through here at

Good morning everyone! I'm feeling fresh today as I woke up finding it all white outside my house. I saw it quite white already last night but now it's even more bright and shiney the snow outside. Ahahaha ho ho ho soon X'mas will arrive, I can't wait. I was hoping to get my ugg boots today which will arrive by mail but I seriously don't think they can make it here today because of the snow. It'd been snowing since yesterday at around 2pm until early this morning at 5am I think, so I think you all could imagine how white it is right now.

Anyway let's get to the point, I have made some photos of the new mini-dresses I have made for my precious dolls. These will definitely be available on etsy after the new years along with other things which is still a secret as I am making deals still with my sister in Thailand. Anyway have a look at these new dresses and all comments and messages are all welcome ^_^ More pictures are available on my flickr. Until then Signore e Singori, buon giorno e buona giornata... ciao ciao ^_^

Hello girls, how are you getting on decorating your house getting ready for the coming X'mas ^_^ Today I have a coupld of photos of my old X'mas tree made new to show you, girls. It's just a small tree but its better for a little home of ours which doesn't have that much space ^_^ This year, I chose to decorate the tree with little granny stars. It kinda came out cute, don't you think? Anyway I was happy in the end seeing it well colored all around, at least it makes one cornor of our house special.

By the way, I have been making cute dresses for my dolls... I will put everything together and put some photos up here Monday evening... so cya and enjoy the weekend!!!! ^_^

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