Ciao everyone!!! I am back!!! and without a job again but I am going to choose not to talk about it for everyone's sake ^_^ Anyway... the good news is I would now have more time to update this blog of mine and more time for my inventions and creations!!!

Anyway this time, I have mini coat that I have been making for my doggy Mojo. I've started this capotto project like a few days ago and now it's almost done ^_^ I started it all from scratch without looking at any pattern so basically I designed it all by myself. OMG I am so proud of this! I never thought I would be able to create something on my own but yeah finally eh! I should be able to get it done by tomorrow and I will put it on Mojo and take some photos so you guys can have a look on here. But anyway, I have just a couple of photos to show you now but until then cya!!!

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    knittingturnip said...

    beelllloooo ma come fai??? ne voglio uno per Filippo !!!
    ma quanto mi piace la testolina stilizzata???!!!

  1. ... on 18 October 2009 at 23:22  

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